eXo Engagement Analytics by Lecko

What is Lecko Analytics?

Lecko Analytics is a partner service that:

  • Allows you to audit the usages of eXo Platform.

  • Enables you to track and inspect user engagement within eXo Platform.

  • Finds how many people are adopting a social behaviour.

  • Offers raw metrics on things such as: likes, comments, uploaded documents, shared polls, discussions….

  • Compares various indicators.

  • Allows you to benchmark your organisation’s social engagement versus other companies in your industry.


In this chapter:


To benefit from all the previously cited functionalities, you need to satisfy some prerequisites on both the business and technical side.

Business prerequisites

eXo Engagement Analytics by Lecko is a partnered add-on with Lecko Analytics. It is available only with the commercial editions of eXo Platform and requires the purchase of a dedicated add-on subscription from eXo Platform. Please refer to Appendix 4 of the Master Subscription Agreement.

Technical prerequisites

Having satisfied the business prerequisites, you should also cater for the technical side:

  • Install the add-on in your eXo Platform. Check the next section for more details about the installation phase.

  • Have network access to upload data collected from eXo Platform into Lecko Analytics Cloud Platform.

    This has to be factored with your internal security constraints. eXo Platform uses a secured FTP endpoint to communicate with Lecko’s Cloud Platform.

  • Have a network web access with SSL enabled to reach Lecko Analytics portal.

Installing and configuring the eXo Engagement Analytics add-on


eXo Platform has partnered with Lecko to offer an engagement analytics solution that allows to monitor user engagement and let you drive end user adoption of eXo Platform.

This solution is presented as an add-on: the eXo Engagement Analytics by Lecko which can be installed via the addons manager using this command:

./addon install exo-lecko

eXo Engagement Analytics by Lecko add-on is used to collect metrics from activity streams via a job and it dumps them in a flat file on disk.

Having dumped all the needed metrcis, another job uploads the generated file on Lecko servers to be loaded in the Analytics server.

Learn more about how eXo Engagement Analytics by Lecko add-on works in the section How does it work?.


To customize eXo Engagement Analytics by Lecko add-on, you can configure it through exo.properties file.

The table below contains all the needed parameters to customize eXo Engagement Analytics add-on:



Default value

exo.addons.lecko.job.start. expression

Defines the export start time.

0 0 21 * * ?

exo.addons.lecko.job.stop.e xpression

Defines the export end time.

0 0 6 * * ?

exo.addons.lecko.job.enable d

Allows to activate/deactivate the addon. When set to true it activates eXo Advanced Analytics add-on.


exo.addons.lecko.directory. out.name

Defines the destination folder of the analytics export.

${java.io.tmpdir }/lecko


Defines the name of the file to be exported.



Defines the destination FTP hostname.


Defines the destination FTP username.

exo.addons.lecko.SftpPasswo rd

Defines the destination FTP password.

exo.addons.lecko.SftPortNum ber

Defines the destination FTP port.

exo.addons.lecko.SftpRemote Path

Defines the destination FTP path.

exo.addons.leckoSftp.ProxyA ddress

Defines the proxy hostname or IP.


Defines the proxy port.

How does it work?

While starting the platform and having eXo Engagement Analytics add-on installed, a job is launched to make the export.

The export ends when all needed information are exported or when the end time defined in exo.properties expires.

In case of restarting the platform, the job resumes its work from the point when it stopped in the last time. In fact, the lecko service job marks every exported element: space stream or user stream.

When the export is fully done, the service will send the report file to the configured FTP in exo.properties.

After successful sending of the export file, eXo Engagement Analytics add-on service restarts its progression to delete the export file and then stops. In the next occurence, it will start a fresh export.


It is also possible to monitor eXo Engagement Analytics add-on via JConsole as some Mbeans are available:

  • buildLeckoData: This action will start the data export even if exo.addons.lecko.job.enabled parameter is set to false in exo.properties.

    It does nothing if the export is running.

  • stopLeckoExport: If the exoprt is running, it will stop it.

  • UploadLeckoData: If the export is finished, it will upload the dump file to lecko’s ftp. It does nothins if the service is running.

  • enableLeckoJob: It is a string Mbean parameter with which you can set exo.addons.lecko.job.enabled to true or false.

  • getEnableLeckoJob: It informs if jobs are activated or not.

  • getJobStatus: It displays information about lecko analytics jobs: the exopt folder, its status (running or not) and the completion percentage.

  • resetExtraction: It helps to start fresh export: it removes the dump file without sending it and cleans the database.