Using Kudos

General information about kudos

You can express your recognition to your colleagues by sending them kudos when you want to thank them for their help, contributions or good work. You can send a limited number of kudos per period of time (week, month, quarter or year).

Kudos to send expire at the end of the period if you didn’t send them. Also, they can’t be cumulated with kudos you received. Thus, kudos are give-only tokens of recognition and you can’t keep them for yourself. You have to earn them from others. Both the number of kudos and period of reset are defined by the administrator of the platform.

When kudos are combined with the rewarding program, they can be automatically converted into tokens in the eXo Wallet.

How to send kudos

You can send kudos from the following locations:

  • The user profile


  • The popover of user from different activities


  • An activity posted by the user


  • A comment posted by the user


When you click on the icon to send a kudos, a popover is displayed containing the details of the kudos you already sent and the number of remaining kudos for the current period. When sending a kudos, you must leave a message so you can tell the reason for this kudos:


If you have no kudos left for the current period, a warning message will be displayed in the popover as well as the information about the kudos you already sent.